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“I Buy The Drugs,” and The Electric Six Interviewed by 6th Graders

[UPDATE: The verdict is in. Cool dads, cool kids. I received the following comment from Chip, father of Olivia – one of the kid-interviewers:

I read this to Olivia (my daughter; one of the Kids Interview Bands interviewers). She said that I’m both cool and a little weird :) Thanks for writing about the site. We never make the girls interview bands they don’t want to interview. They don’t always know the music by the bands they are interviewing but they don’t care, they just like talking to fun people

That’s freaking awesome. I like talking to fun people, too, which is why I decided to study journalism. But these kids probably talk to cooler people in one week than I do in an entire lifetime, and they’re also less nervous about it than I am, and that’s neat, seeing as I sort-of Do Journalism part-time for a prominent news site that shall go unnamed. Congrats, Connie and Olivia – I’m pretty sure even lil’ Cameron Crowe was way older than you two when he started his rock journo thing, so keep at it! END UPDATE]

Here’s a song and video that I thought was fun. Maybe it’ll cheer you up on this most shitty of weekdays. The Electric Six are from Detroit, and their drummer’s name is Percussion World.

I was digging around on the internet this weekend, and somehow I found this site, Kids Interview Bands. These two lil’ rascals ask musicians cutesy questions like “how old were you when you stopped trick-or-treating?” and “what’s the best dream you ever had?” They talked to The Raveonettes and The Wombats and Minus The Bear and a bunch of others. Isn’t that great?

One funny interview is the one they did with Dick Valentine from The Electric Six. He’s the guy in the video above who holds that dachshund like he’s going to eat a hot dog. I wonder if those two kids know he put out a solo album called “Destroy The Children” this year… Anyway, The Electric Six are the guys who made the “Danger! High Voltage” video where peoples’ (and a moose’s) genitalia light up, you know the one I mean. I was never really clear on whether or not that high screechy voice was Jack White singing on it, but I guess it is, according to Rolling Stone. But yeah, not the kind of band you’d recommend eleven-year-olds interview, right? Little racy.

Don’t worry. The interview (below) is actually pretty tame – no children are destroyed. I think Valentine freaked them out a bit, because they didn’t know whether to laugh or not when he said goofy things. I love when they ask him if he could name any songs of his that would be appropriate for eleven-year-olds, since their dads said they can’t listen to most of his songs until they are teenagers.

“I’ve actually had physical contact, albeit small physical contact, with Baby Spice. And it was magical.” Between that, the way he stares off into space or the camera, and him telling them the devil is a good guy, I thought this was one hilariously uncomfortable interview. Hope you like it. I can’t decide whether the guys who put their kids up to this are cool, cruel, or weird. Thoughts?

More on the way.